June 20th

Pitstop delivery to Centennial Vineyards where you can find our Kangaroo Valley Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Savoury Tapenades; along with our Essence of Kangaroo Valley farmhouse dukkah. Centennial Vineyards are one of our many fantastic suppliers of our Kangaroo Valley Olives products. Don’t forget to taste some of the fabulous wines on offer whilst there and check out the beautiful vineyards.

Whole crushed olives are blended with various herbs and spices to present savoury tapenades – ideal as part of a cheeseboard, as a pizza base or tossed through hot pasta. Savoury tapenades add a depth of flavour to vinaigrettes or when drizzled over blanched green vegetables and can be used as a crust or stuffing for roasted or pan-fried meats. We have a selection of tapenades available to purchase on our website and in store.