• To welcome in the holiday season, we have created a “Taste of Kangaroo Valley Starter Pack” – a great gift offering a 250ml bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 60g jar of Kalamata Olives; 60g jar of Savoury Tapenade and 55g jar of our spiced Dukkah, along with a Bella Bee Middling (25cm x 25xm) Beeswax Wrap, valued at $41.00 for only $30.00.
  • Taste the Essence of Kangaroo Valley, in this bespoke hamper - the perfect gift for any occasion. Contains: Kangaroo Valley Olives Rich & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Kangaroo Valley Olives Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar 250ml Table Olives 180g Savoury Tapenade 100g Sweet Tapenade 120g Dukkah 55g x 2 Gran’s Green Tomato Pickle / 200 Grans Bread & Butter Pickle 240g Bella Bee "Middling” Beeswax Wrap Gift boxed with ribbon. Image representative.
  • To taste the essence of Kangaroo Valley, taste the flavour and freshness of our flagship olives.
    • Naturale Olives – Our flagship table olives – Kalamata and Bella di Cerignola – presented just as nature intended – displaying the terroir and essence of Kangaroo Valley. Our Naturale Olives are ideal for any recipe which calls for the addition of a mouthful of flavour, as well as providing the perfect focus to an antipasto plate.
    INFUSIONS Lovingly created using a blend of spices and herbs to create
    • Armana – Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds and Black Peppercorns – With a lean to the exotic of the middle east, our Armana Olives are perfect when tossed through summer salads or added to slow-cooked winter casseroles and tagines.
    • Athena – Roasted Garlic – A perfect bulb of pungent, spicy flavour, with an intense full-bodied aroma – a powerhouse of the culinary world. Our Athena Olives capture the innate nature of garlic and lend themselves to stronger base ingredients, the perfect partner to onions, tomatoes and ginger.
    • Mediterranean Salsa Verde – A selection of Green Herbs and a touch of Garlic – With “middle of the land’ flavours and a strong balance of herbs, which meld the regional flavours of Spain, Turkey, France and the Balkans, our Mediterranean Salsa Verde olives add strength to robust red meats, game and poultry.
    • Milano – The classic triumvirate of Basil, Rosemary and Garlic – bold and flavoursome  – perfection.
    • Olympia – Chilli & Garlic  – With a nod to ancient Olympia and the robust balance of chilli and garlic, our Olympia Olives present a spice flavour kick when eaten on their own, as part of an antipasto plate, or tossed through a rich tomato pasta sauce.
    • Scarborough – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme  – A fusion of medieval herbs which when combined, sing with clean, bright flavours to produce a fresh sensation.
    • Tuscany – Perfect pairing of Rosemary and Garlic, both strong flavours which hold their own even when combined. The robust flavours of our Tuscany olives lend themselves to stronger base ingredients and are ideal with lamb, beef, potatoes and French inspired cuisine.
    Please note that the Bella di Cerignola range are our Jumbo Olives and are available in 180g jars only.

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