• Balsamic Vinegar is made from grape juice, or "must" which is boiled down, and then transferred to a variety of different wood barrels to vein the aging process. Store balsamic vinegar in a cool, dark, dry location. There is no need to refrigerate the vinegar. INFUSIONS
    • Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar – Lusciously thick and richly satisfying to the senses, this sweet artisan sensation is excellent as a salad dressing, drizzled over fresh tomatoes and feta, fresh berries, poached pears, roast meats, and baked root vegetables. (Gluten free)
    • Caramelised Apple Balsamic Vinegar – With one kilo of granite belt apples in each bottle, this scrumptiously thick, sticky and sweet indulgence is made from apple balsamic vinegar and apple juice, simmered slowly over low heat for an extended time. Sensational on pork, chicken or game meats or brushed onto quail for grilling. Drizzle over fresh berries, pavlova, or ice cream for the perfect fusion of sweet and tart. (Gluten free)
  • Infused with hand-flaked edible 24 karat gold leaf, our Golden Aurora extra virgin olive oil with its fresh, fruity aroma of green grass, almond and fig notes and a smooth buttery flavour, with the slightest hint of peppery bitterness makes for the perfect addition when drizzled over salad greens, or swirled through classics such as cream soups, pasta and risotto. With winter upon us, this is the perfect time to stay at home and indulge, so add a mizzle of luxury and sparkle………..  
  • For our Premium EVOOs, select olives varieties are blended to produce exceptional extra virgin olive oils with fresh fruity flavours, grassy aromas and hints of pepper, ensuring a well-balanced finish.
    • Rich & Robust EVOO – A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oils, light green in colour, producing an oil which leads with a bold, green grassy taste, moderate bitterness and pungency, with an aftertaste which is clean with an excellent creamy finish. Outstanding for dipping bread, dressing salads, drizzling over fresh tomatoes or steamed vegetables, as well as marinating both meat and fish.
    • Chef's Choice EVOO – Select olive varietals are blended together to produce an oil which is a perfect meld of light green colour, slight mellowness and moderate bitterness, presenting a clean aftertaste and slight buttery finish – the classic all-rounder. Perfect for dressing salads, roasting root vegetables, and for white meats and fish.
    • “Fresh & Fruity” EVOO – a real zinger, with a good, strong peppery bite. Well-balanced, smooth and versatile with a strong olive flavour, alongside desirable bitterness and lingering pungency. Ideal drizzled over a salad of young mesclun greens; or swizzled through a sautéed mix of wild mushrooms, shiitakes, and creminis or a big bowl full of sautéed white button mushrooms.
    • Truffle EVOO – the perfect finishing oil. Select olive varietals are blended together to produce an oil which is a perfect meld of mellowness and moderate bitterness, with hints of pepper – the taste of fresh extra virgin olive oil and the earthiness of truffles – a match made in Heaven. Our infused Truffle Oil is created to be: √  Drizzled over Braesola, Prosciutto or Carpaccio √  Swirled through risotto or creamy mash, steamed vegetables √  Mizzled onto poached or scrambled eggs √  Swooshed through pasta √  Splashed onto salads.
  • Our infused EVOOS, are ideally suited to use when flavour enhancement of dishes is required - available in single, double and triple infusions. A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oil ….. INFUSIONS
    • Cracked Pepper – infused with the spiciness of pepper. This versatile oil pairs well with Mediterranean inspired dishes, as well as rib-eye and roasted meats.
    • Chilli – infused with the heat of chilli. This culivated oil provides the ideal base for pasta sauces, Thai dishes or fiery curries.
    • Garlic – infused with the robustness of garlic. This classic oil provides an ideal base for pasta sauces, marinades and hearty stocks.
    • Lime – infused with the vibrancy of unripened limes. This zesty oil brings a distinct sour flavour and fragrance to salads (simply add sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper) and pastas dishes; as well as Asian inspired stir-fries, and sets off seafood and fish fabulously.
    • Lemon Myrtle – infused with distinctive lemon myrtle, distilled from fresh Lemon Myrtle leaves. This exquisite oil is superb with white fish and seafood, as well as adding a bright, crisp sensation to summer salads and offers a delightful Australian Bush flavour, with earthy, citrus notes.
    • Blood Orange – infused with ripened blood orange. The intense sweetness of blood oranges presents an extra special ambrosial citrus taste sensation for use with vinaigrettes and marinades.


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