Savoury tapenades add a depth of flavour to vinaigrettes or when drizzled over blanched green vegetables and can be used as a crust or stuffing for roasted or panfried meats.


  • Classic – with our special twist, the addition of Dijon Mustard, adding a creamy, sharpness which enhances the flavour base. Perfect on its own or ideal with lamb, beef, potatoes and French inspired cuisine.
  • Alvarez – melding the spice flavour of Chilli with the delights of pure olive paste producing a smooth sensation, with just that hint of heat. Perfect swirled through pasta or with Mediterranean inspired dishes.
  • Athena – our Athena Tapenade melds the pungency of Garlic with the smoothness of pure olive paste – with a lingering whisper of spice. Ideal as a crust for beef or lamb; or swirled through pasta.
  • Belus – Chilli & Garlic – with a nod to ancient Olympia and the robust balance of chilli and garlic, our Belus Tapenade presents a spice flavour kick to pizza bases, or swirled through a rich tomato pasta sauce.
  • Milano – melds the classic flavour combination of Basil, Rosemary & Garlic to produce a creamy, earthy taste sensation.
  • Scarborough – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Time – “Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine” – pure, clean and simple.
  • Tartufo – Porcini and Truffle – Our Tartufo Tapenade fuses the classic flavour of Porcini with the delights of Truffle, producing a creamy, earthy taste sensation – perfect on its own or ideal swirled through pasta, or with French inspired cuisine.
  • Tuscany – Pairing the classic flavour combination of Rosemary and Garlic to produce a robust and earthy taste sensation.