Our infused EVOOS, are ideally suited to use when flavour enhancement of dishes is required – available in single, double and triple infusions.

A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oil …..


  • Cracked Pepper – infused with the spiciness of pepper. This versatile oil pairs well with Mediterranean inspired dishes, as well as rib-eye and roasted meats.
  • Chilli – infused with the heat of chilli. This culivated oil provides the ideal base for pasta sauces, Thai dishes or fiery curries.
  • Garlic – infused with the robustness of garlic. This classic oil provides an ideal base for pasta sauces, marinades and hearty stocks.
  • Lime – infused with the vibrancy of unripened limes. This zesty oil brings a distinct sour flavour and fragrance to salads (simply add sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper) and pastas dishes; as well as Asian inspired stir-fries, and sets off seafood and fish fabulously.
  • Lemon Myrtle – infused with distinctive lemon myrtle, distilled from fresh Lemon Myrtle leaves. This exquisite oil is superb with white fish and seafood, as well as adding a bright, crisp sensation to summer salads and offers a delightful Australian Bush flavour, with earthy, citrus notes.
  • Blood Orange – infused with ripened blood orange. The intense sweetness of blood oranges presents an extra special ambrosial citrus taste sensation for use with vinaigrettes and marinades.