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  • Savoury tapenades add a depth of flavour to vinaigrettes or when drizzled over blanched green vegetables and can be used as a crust or stuffing for roasted or panfried meats. INFUSIONS
    • Classic – with our special twist, the addition of Dijon Mustard, adding a creamy, sharpness which enhances the flavour base. Perfect on its own or ideal with lamb, beef, potatoes and French inspired cuisine.
    • Alvarez – melding the spice flavour of Chilli with the delights of pure olive paste producing a smooth sensation, with just that hint of heat. Perfect swirled through pasta or with Mediterranean inspired dishes.
    • Athena – our Athena Tapenade melds the pungency of Garlic with the smoothness of pure olive paste – with a lingering whisper of spice. Ideal as a crust for beef or lamb; or swirled through pasta.
    • Belus – Chilli & Garlic – with a nod to ancient Olympia and the robust balance of chilli and garlic, our Belus Tapenade presents a spice flavour kick to pizza bases, or swirled through a rich tomato pasta sauce.
    • Milano – melds the classic flavour combination of Basil, Rosemary & Garlic to produce a creamy, earthy taste sensation.
    • Scarborough – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Time – “Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine” – pure, clean and simple.
    • Tartufo – Porcini and Truffle – Our Tartufo Tapenade fuses the classic flavour of Porcini with the delights of Truffle, producing a creamy, earthy taste sensation – perfect on its own or ideal swirled through pasta, or with French inspired cuisine.
    • Tuscany – Pairing the classic flavour combination of Rosemary and Garlic to produce a robust and earthy taste sensation.
  • Our Middle Eastern spice blend prepared from nuts, seeds and spices made using traditional methods to preserve their natural flavour and texture – the perfect accompaniment to Kangaroo Valley Olives extra virgin olive oil, lending a slightly salty crunch to everything from flatbreads, dips, salads, stuffings, crusts, roast vegetables and more!
    • Chilli
    • Chilli & Garlic
    • Classic
    • Garlic
    • Porcini Dukkah
    • Thyme
    • Turmeric
    • Turmeric & Sweet Paprika
  • Crisp, sweet and tart - the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich. Great with hot or cold meats, or as an addition to a cheeseboard.
    Made with locally sourced cucumbers and onions, here in Kangaroo Valley.

    Produced with love in small batches, using an old family recipe, passed down through the generations, from our family to yours.
  • To taste the essence of Kangaroo Valley, taste the flavour and freshness of our flagship olives.
    • Naturale Olives – Our flagship table olives – Kalamata and Bella di Cerignola – presented just as nature intended – displaying the terroir and essence of Kangaroo Valley. Our Naturale Olives are ideal for any recipe which calls for the addition of a mouthful of flavour, as well as providing the perfect focus to an antipasto plate.
    INFUSIONS Lovingly created using a blend of spices and herbs to create
    • Armana – Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds and Black Peppercorns – With a lean to the exotic of the middle east, our Armana Olives are perfect when tossed through summer salads or added to slow-cooked winter casseroles and tagines.
    • Athena – Roasted Garlic – A perfect bulb of pungent, spicy flavour, with an intense full-bodied aroma – a powerhouse of the culinary world. Our Athena Olives capture the innate nature of garlic and lend themselves to stronger base ingredients, the perfect partner to onions, tomatoes and ginger.
    • Mediterranean Salsa Verde – A selection of Green Herbs and a touch of Garlic – With “middle of the land’ flavours and a strong balance of herbs, which meld the regional flavours of Spain, Turkey, France and the Balkans, our Mediterranean Salsa Verde olives add strength to robust red meats, game and poultry.
    • Milano – The classic triumvirate of Basil, Rosemary and Garlic – bold and flavoursome  – perfection.
    • Olympia – Chilli & Garlic  – With a nod to ancient Olympia and the robust balance of chilli and garlic, our Olympia Olives present a spice flavour kick when eaten on their own, as part of an antipasto plate, or tossed through a rich tomato pasta sauce.
    • Scarborough – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme  – A fusion of medieval herbs which when combined, sing with clean, bright flavours to produce a fresh sensation.
    • Tuscany – Perfect pairing of Rosemary and Garlic, both strong flavours which hold their own even when combined. The robust flavours of our Tuscany olives lend themselves to stronger base ingredients and are ideal with lamb, beef, potatoes and French inspired cuisine.
    Please note that the Bella di Cerignola range are our Jumbo Olives and are available in 180g jars only.
  • Sweet tapenades are ideal served with a range of cheeses, from the mild creamy camembert through to aged Cheddar and strong blues. Perfect also as a sweet spread on toasted flatbreads and ciabatta. INFUSIONS
    • Eden – Sweet Olive & Fig – Since the dawn of time, sweet figs have been prized as a fruit of knowledge and enlightenment. The perfect sweet (with a hint of salt) accompaniment to an antipasto plate or cheeseboard.
    • Marrakech – Sweet Olive & Date – From ancient times, sweet, freshly dried dates have been coveted for their intensely delicious caramel-like taste. A superb addition to an antipasto plate or paired with Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts.
  • Our Pint-Size Foliage pack is made using organic cotton. Pack contains: 1 x each of: 4 x assorted Mini 15 x 15 cm
  • Our handcrafted Milk Baths each offer different properties which coincide with the Greek Goddess after which they are named.
    • Aceso – Greek Goddess of Healing – simply soothe away the tensions of the day.  (Coconut Milk)
    • Aegle – Greek Goddess of Healthy Glow – invigorate your senses, as you unwind and recharge. (Buttermilk & Peppermint)
    • Hebe – Greek Goddess of Eternal Youth – pamper your mind and body as you revitalise and moisturise your skin. (Goat's Milk & Honey)
    Please Note - our Milk Baths and Bath Salts are packaged in either amber or clear glass depending on availability.
  • Balsamic Vinegar is made from grape juice, or "must" which is boiled down, and then transferred to a variety of different wood barrels to vein the ageing process. Store balsamic vinegar in a cool, dark, dry location. There is no need to refrigerate the vinegar. INFUSIONS
    • Chardonnay Balsamic Vinegar - A sweeter style vinegar, made with Chardonnay vinegar and Chardonnay grape juice for real fruit character. The perfect choice for dressing up fresh green salads and pairing with seafood, chicken, pork, fish and vegetables as a deglaze or marinade.
    Ideal for use with preserves as it will add sweetness and fruitiness as well as the required acidity (6.0 (±0.1). No added colours or sulphites. Allergen free. Team with Kangaroo Valley Olives Lime Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil for added zest in the perfect vinaigrette.  
    • Merlot Balsamic Vinegar – The perfect meld of balsamic sweetness and fruity flavours, made with quality Australian red wine, and naturally fermented and sweetened with grape juice concentrate. Ideal for salad dressings with more robust leafy vegetables like chicory, radicchio, endive and cabbage.
    Excellent for use with preserves as it will add sweetness and fruitiness as well as the required acidity (6.0 (±0.1). No added colours or sulphites. Allergen free. Team with Kangaroo Valley Olives Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the added pungency in the perfect vinaigrette.
  • Sherry (Apera) Vinegar – Made from Australian made sherry (Apera) wine and aged in old oak hogsheads, this award-winning, complex and well-rounded vinegar offers a tawny, non-astringent flavour that adds hidden depth and a clean brightness to a finished dish – simply add a few drops (a little goes a long way, but it makes the flavours pop), as you would with lemon juice or fish sauce, or use it half-and-half with another vinegar (or lemon juice) in a vinaigrette. Perfect as the acid in sauces such as romesco, salsa verde, and chimichurri; or lightly drizzled over strawberries or goat’s cheese to balance the sweetness and add a little tartness. No added colours or sulphites. Allergen free.
  • For our Premium EVOOs, select olives varieties are blended to produce exceptional extra virgin olive oils with fresh fruity flavours, grassy aromas and hints of pepper, ensuring a well-balanced finish.
    • Rich & Robust EVOO – A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oils, light green in colour, producing an oil which leads with a bold, green grassy taste, moderate bitterness and pungency, with an aftertaste which is clean with an excellent creamy finish. Outstanding for dipping bread, dressing salads, drizzling over fresh tomatoes or steamed vegetables, as well as marinating both meat and fish.
    • Chef's Choice EVOO – Select olive varietals are blended together to produce an oil which is a perfect meld of light green colour, slight mellowness and moderate bitterness, presenting a clean aftertaste and slight buttery finish – the classic all-rounder. Perfect for dressing salads, roasting root vegetables, and for white meats and fish.
    • “Fresh & Fruity” EVOO – a real zinger, with a good, strong peppery bite. Well-balanced, smooth and versatile with a strong olive flavour, alongside desirable bitterness and lingering pungency. Ideal drizzled over a salad of young mesclun greens; or swizzled through a sautéed mix of wild mushrooms, shiitakes, and creminis or a big bowl full of sautéed white button mushrooms.
    • Truffle EVOO – the perfect finishing oil. Select olive varietals are blended together to produce an oil which is a perfect meld of mellowness and moderate bitterness, with hints of pepper – the taste of fresh extra virgin olive oil and the earthiness of truffles – a match made in Heaven. Our infused Truffle Oil is created to be: √  Drizzled over Braesola, Prosciutto or Carpaccio √  Swirled through risotto or creamy mash, steamed vegetables √  Mizzled onto poached or scrambled eggs √  Swooshed through pasta √  Splashed onto salads.
  • Our infused EVOOS, are ideally suited to use when flavour enhancement of dishes is required - available in single, double and triple infusions. A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oil ….. INFUSIONS
    • Cracked Pepper – infused with the spiciness of pepper. This versatile oil pairs well with Mediterranean inspired dishes, as well as rib-eye and roasted meats.
    • Chilli – infused with the heat of chilli. This culivated oil provides the ideal base for pasta sauces, Thai dishes or fiery curries.
    • Garlic – infused with the robustness of garlic. This classic oil provides an ideal base for pasta sauces, marinades and hearty stocks.
    • Lime – infused with the vibrancy of unripened limes. This zesty oil brings a distinct sour flavour and fragrance to salads (simply add sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper) and pastas dishes; as well as Asian inspired stir-fries, and sets off seafood and fish fabulously.
    • Lemon Myrtle – infused with distinctive lemon myrtle, distilled from fresh Lemon Myrtle leaves. This exquisite oil is superb with white fish and seafood, as well as adding a bright, crisp sensation to summer salads and offers a delightful Australian Bush flavour, with earthy, citrus notes.
    • Blood Orange – infused with ripened blood orange. The intense sweetness of blood oranges presents an extra special ambrosial citrus taste sensation for use with vinaigrettes and marinades.
  • Our infused EVOOS, are ideally suited to use when flavour enhancement of dishes is required - available in single, double and triple infusions. A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oil ….. INFUSIONS
    • Chilli & Garlic – the heat of chilli combined with garlicky goodness - ideal in Asian dishes, just made for stir-fryng.
    • Lemon & Garlic – citrus zing and pungency of garlic – diametrically opposed, yet working so harmoniously together; ideal with Mediterranean inspired dishes.
    • Rosemary & Lemon – distinctive rosemary and the fresh tangy burst of lemon. Perfect base for roast lamb or chicken.


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