Kangaroo Valley Olives

2020 – A day in the life…

December 23rd

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy, and happy new year.

Ho,ho, ho.

December 20th

Kangaroo Valley Olives is now closed for a siesta, reopening Monday 18th January. We will be celebrating all that was wonderful about 2020, reflecting on that which was not quite so great, and making plans to ensure 2021 goes from strength to strength.

December 7th

Proud to be again awarded the Snail of Approval under the Slow Food banner.

Ethically sourced, good, clean and fair.


Kangaroo Valley Olives

December 4th

Christmas Celebrations in Kangaroo Valley Village. Christmas Tree, shops lit brightly and a special Christmas Market at The Hive, along with obligatory Christmas Fairy.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

November 16th

To mark the end of 2020, with the promise of a brighter 2021, we have produced our Golden Aurora Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This elegant, fruity oil with hand-flaked 24 karat edible gold leaf is the perfect Christmas indulgence; the ideal gift for the passionate foodie.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

November 14th

Partnering with Jo Dodd from Quarter Acre Farm and Wild Food Adventures, our Spring Wild Foraging Workshops are underway. Spending time hunting for edible plants and learning about medicinal flora you can rear in your own home – even if you’ve only got an urban backyard or balcony garden to work with.

After indulging in some wild tea infusions, followed by an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive tasting, the hunt was on. Light lunch making use of found edible greens with a nice glass of Tertini’s cool climate Pint Noir, whilst relaxing on the Pavilion overlooking the dam and the stunning escarpment of Kangaroo Valley.

A fabulous way to spend time in Kangaroo Valley.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

November 6th

#HomeNews101 – Bellissimo baguettes, nothing better. To keep them crusty and fresh, wrap tightly in one of our Bella Bee Beeswax Wraps.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

October 31st

Happy Halloween.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

October 28th

Bees love our olives, almost as much as we do!!

Kangaroo Valley Olives

October 23rd

Nuts, nuts nuts. Having had a rush on our middle eastern inspired dukkah, stock levels were very low. 7 days = 1000 jars made. Do I repeat myself? Nuts, nuts, nuts.

October 15th

Today marks International Mushroom Day – so we have created our Porcini Mushroom Dukkah to mark the event. Try it sprinkled over Pizza Funghi (traditionally topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, oil, and parsley); or over poached eggs. Or simply with fresh crusty bread and extra virgin olive oil for dipping.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

October 8th

Whole plump Bella di Cerignola Olives as part of our mixed olive combo on their way to The Garden Berry.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

September 24th

And finally, after weeks (well months, well years) of planning, our new Kangaroo Valley Olives website is about to go live. Created by Errol Brown of bcr8ivemedia, located in the Southern Highlands, we are ready to move back to online sales, rather than simply through our Cellar Door or our wonderful retail, dining and winery stockists.

Very exciting as all three of our brands will now be available on the one site:

Kangaroo Valley Olives – showcasing our extra virgin olive oils, whole table olives and tapenades; along with our range of Australian vinegars (including the caramelised balsamics);

Kangaroo Valley Kindred Spirits – both complementary and seasonal products (including dukkah, pickles and jams);


Essence of Kangaroo Valley – unveiling our new lines in milk baths and bath salts as well as our artisan soaps (using our own Kangaroo Valley Olives extra virgin olive oils), along with our famous Bella Bee Beeswax Wraps.

New beginnings………

Kangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives

September 17th

Yet another delivery to the famous Mrs Oldbucks Pantry in Berrima – last batch of our unfiltered extra virgin olive oils, ready for the weekend. The is the first, and finest oil of the season – if you are after something truly special, then these are the oils for you. Perfect for the finishing of that amazing dish, or simply for dipping fresh bread.
Popped in next door to Mrs Oldbucks Pantry Table, (even brought my own special cup and saucer), to pick up a couple of the special teas now being stocked. Myriad of flavours – this time around I picked up some “Peppermint and Licorice Herbal Blend” and “Sweet Dreams Herbal Blend”, so all set for now.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

September 10th

Blue Wren Hampers is a locally owned business based in Batemans Bay, providing specialized hampers for that perfect iso-pick-me-up or perhaps a “picnic-for-two”. By sourcing locally grown and produced they are helping to bring our produce to your table (or picnic blanket!).

Kangaroo Valley Olives

April 20th

We strive for perfection across all our product lines, and follow well-established, ethically sourced traditional methods – and we love to work with people across the spectrum to bring our products to life.

Colin Talbot’s photography is a case in point – specializing in nature and landscape photography – we are a perfect fit.

Beautiful busy bees come to our farm, to gather pollen and nectar, then back to their hives to produce honey and of course beeswax.

Our Belle Bee Beeswax Wraps come in a myriad of sizes and colours – from our Bitty at only 10cm x 10cm all the way to our Baguette at 60cm x 80cm, so we have you covered with the perfect wrap.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

August 13th

Silos Estate is a strong supporter of local farmers, growers and producers. Currently offering pre-booked wine tasting sessions – they offer a local produce platter with cheese, chilli jam along with savoury tapenades from Kangaroo Valley Olives.

200 jars on their way this morning……….


Kangaroo Valley Olives

August 12th

Seasonality….. new growth and the beginnings of a little flower bud = the beginnings of 2021 harvest.

Kangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives

August 5th

August in the kitchen – 150 kilos of kalamata olives = 100 kilos of pure olive paste = 880 jars of savoury tapenade.

Kangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives

August 4th

Harvest 2020 was a very successful finish to the growing season – despite drought, fires and smoke, rains and flooding and finally restrictions to our general lives courtesy COVID-19. And better yet…

Today we finished pruning all our olive trees and now we will start nurturing, feeding and watering to ensure good new season growth and hopefully lots and lots and lots of olives for Harvest 2021.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

July 31st

Fabulous to have Karina Shepherd from Dandelion & Mallow, a wonderful whole-food caterer located in Gerringong drop by to collect a mixed batch of 100g table olives to add to her delicious locally sourced produce platters and hearty meals.


Kangaroo Valley Olives

July 18th

The Garden in the heart of Berry offers a social dining venue and is the meeting place for locals and visitors alike. With a focus on seasonal ingredients, local produce and sustainability, you can stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; and pick up some local produce to take home for the pantry.


Kangaroo Valley Olives

July 17th

Centennial Vineyards in the Southern Highlands is a strong promoter of local and seasonal produce – Kangaroo Valley Olives “Classic” Range – Naturale Table Olives; Classic Savoury Tapenade; Classic Dukkah and Rich & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available at their French Provincial style cellar door.


Kangaroo Valley Olives

July 13th

WOW what a start to Monday morning. Yet another order of our jars of olives for Silos Estate – perfect for the paired wine tasting on offer.

And one of the benefits of delivering personally, is that I get to sample a fabulous drop and come home with some goodies.

Silos has also recently branched into producing hand sanitiser, something we should all be making a lot of use of. Fantastic value at three 750ml bottles (along with a dispenser) for $45.00.

June 30th

Tonight, we should have been participating in the Annual Chef’s and Producer’s Dinner at the Nowra Golf Club – another victim of COVID-19. Cannot wait for the reschedule.

June 20th

FABulous to be featured as one of the Australian growers, producers and owners in the newly launched Simply Australian Magazine.

Simply Australian Magazine is Australia’s only magazine showcasing Australian businesses, Australian growers & producers, and Australian designers, creators and entrepreneurs. Covering the whole of Australia, they want you to live, breathe and know that Australian businesses have your back. Support Australian Made, Created, Grown, Produced.


June 14th

Kangaroo Valley Farmers Market has reopened!!!! Normally held on the second Sunday of the month, due to bushfires, the Kangaroo Valley Show and COVID-19 restrictions, sorely missed over the last few months. Busy with locals and visitors.

June 8th

June Long Weekend – Personal deliveries of our extra virgin olive oils to Sydney : our 2020 new season single varietals: Arete and Peridot along with Rich & Robust and Chef’s Choice (Colin’s favourite!!).

June 6th

June Long Weekend – travel allowed to regional areas. A FABulous opportunity to showcase our new season Olio Nuovo (Novello) extra virgin olive oils at Hampden Deli (Chef Nick Gardner and Stevie Lee-Bounader). So proud to be able to finally show off our 2020 new season single varietals: Arete and Peridot to visitors to our Valley.

June 3rd

Three (long, long) whole days making our whole table olives – this time around 420 jars of 60g olives in both Naturale and infusions – all destined for the award-winning Silos Estate, Berry (Facebook @Silos.Estate) who are back and open for the June long weekend (with tasting opportunities only by pre-booked appointment).

May 31st

What else to do on a Sunday you might ask? I spent the day, making hundreds of jars of Dukkah – our take on a middle Eastern spice blend prepared from nuts, seeds and spices. Try it as a crumb for pan-fried meats or sprinkled over poached eggs – or on its own with fresh crusty bread and our Kangaroo Valley Olives extra virgin olive oil.

May 30th

Despite some restrictions still in place, we managed to set up a small display of our new season Olio Nuovo (Novello) extra virgin olive oils. The two oils, Arete and Peridot are two of the best we have produced in many years of hand harvesting and pressing though the night. Put simply, Novellos are the finest oils of the season – first olives from the tree, first into the press and first to be bottled – unfiltered.

May 29th

Businesses are cautiously reopening – albeit with massive impositions on trading – number of patrons, social distancing and more. Orders for KVO however are starting to come in – deliveries today to The Garden, Berry and our own Kangaroo Valley, Hampden Deli Dining and School.

May 19th

Quick catch up with Amanda Fry from Experience Nature Group, and Wildfest – Annual Wild Nature Festival (Sat 3 Oct – Sat 24 Oct 2020) – working regionally together. This year’s theme is “Witness The Regeneration”, as nature shows her resilience and the beauty of new life. Make sure to book your place at the Highland Valley Forage on Saturday 24th October HERE where premium produce, culinary artisans, award winning regional beverages combined with accessible luxury and whimsical touches are presented in unique natural environment – exceptional.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

May 16th

Thrilled to once again received the Snail of Approval Award (2020), supporting and promoting GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR FOOD. Thank you to Slow Food Berry to Jervis Bay for continuing to support small farmers, growers and producers.

May 6th

Proud to be invited to join Women in Olive Oil (WIOO), an NGO whose mission is to empower women to come together in sharing experiences, creating a support network and ultimately changing the world of olive oil.
To date, WIOO represents 1.000 women from more than 40 countries.
Women joining efforts to provide a cultural and an intellectual wealth with an extensive range of professions including leaders in the industry, chefs, farmers, millers, chemists, tasters, educators, importers, exporters and retailers. This cultural diversity of professionals provides fertile ground to establish many innovative projects and synergies which in turn will improve the way we farm, consume, transport, access, research, teach and sell olive oil. Together we are stronger.

May 3rd

Thrilled beyond belief. Today, Lucia and her daughter, both of Italian heritage, drove two hours to Kangaroo Valley to pick up 9 bottles of our unfiltered Arete extra virgin olive oil. Winning feeling!!

April 22nd

Another helping hand – Chef Nick Gardner (Hampden Deli, Dining & School) on site to see how we harvest and press our extra virgin olive oils. Made sure to put him to work.

Working together with our partners is part of the fun – an and opportunity for chefs and providores to learn more about us, our products and our sustainable practices.

April 21st

Our Leccinos are at a just turning phase – perfect for what we are looking for. Milder than the Arete, the oil is almost transluscent, with a clear, vibrant green colour – moderate bitterness and a slight buttery mouthfeel. Bottled, unfiltered, under Peridot.

April 17th

The Picual oil run complete. Back to harvesting table olives for a few more days.

April 15th

A break from table olives – first up our Picual Olives ready to be pressed into oil on site – firm and green – so not a lot of oil to be had, but certainly we are getting something pretty awesome. The press continues to run all day and into the night. The oil is green, bitter and pungent. Straight unfiltered bottling under Arete.

April 14th

Mixing it up a little – kalamata olives – not yet fully ripe for a firmer finished product.

April 12th

Happy Easter from our family to yours.

April 9th

Our Bella di Cerignola (jumbo) olives are pumping again this year – picking hard and green, these will take a while to leach out their bitterness, but promise to be absolutely scrumptious.

April 8th

The Kalamata harvest continues – too many to carry back on their own – loaded up the trailer, and hitched a ride.

April 7th

With the team from Flagstaff back on deck, we just keep ploughing through

April 6th

And Harvest 2020 begins. Today we started on the Kalamata olives – sun is shining, all of us ready to go and hand harvest each individual plump olive. Feels fabulous to be out amongst the trees, fresh, clean air. Good start to harvest season.

March 23rd

It seems that COVID-19 is starting to cause some havoc – prudent to start staying home, and begin self-isolating. Businesses are starting to close down or shorten their hours. Work on the farm of course continues, and our olives are getting plumper by the day. Harvest appears only around one month away.

March 20th

KVO entered two entries into the Southern Highlands Moss Vale Show Pavilion section – our robust oil (Rich & Robust) and our medium-strength oil (Chef’s Choice) for judging by an International Oil Judge. Up against some stiff competition….. took out 1st Place in both divisions. Chuffed.

March 19th

Two weeks of choosing, washing and cutting out fabric squares to top up our range of Bella Bee Beeswax Wraps – waxing today – our beeswax comes from our neighbour’s hives at “Wattle Bee Honey”, whose bees feast on our germander, taking the pollen and nectar home to their hives, to produce the most delicious honey, along with award-winning beeswax. Skye, our own Queen Bee is unparalleled in her meticulousness – not an easy task as our wraps range from the Bitty (at 10x10cm) all the way through to our Baguette wraps (40x80cm).

March 11th

FABulous day at Michelle Bishop’s Bangalay Dining (Chef Brent Strong at the helm) – the annual Women’s Networking Lunch, organised by Kate Dezarnaulds of WorkLife – Coworking in Berry & Kiama (Facebook @WorkLife.org.au). Another opportunity to meet with like-minded people – all women, this time – who share a passion for all things South Coast / Shoalhaven and want to work together to further get the message out of just how much we have to offer here in our region.

March 4th

Last year, the inaugural South Coast Food and Wine Festival was held in Berry (September) and was an amazing success – showcasing local produce and local chefs. Plans afoot to make the 2020 SCFWF (October 16 and 17) even bigger and better. Check out the Facebook page: @southcoastfoodandwinefestival

March 2nd

Attended a Sustainable Farm Working Group meeting – with growers and farmers from across the Valley, to hopefully pool resources and knowledge. Working together across community can only make us stronger.

February 21st

AAT Kings have teamed up with Bangalay Dining and Nowra Farmers Market and the brilliant Erin Rachel Boutros and Eleanor Baillieu from the Empty Esky team to bring visitors back to the South Coast and Shoalhaven following the devastating fires which have affected our region so severely. Loved being part of this experience. Book your place, and taste the Shoalhaven. (Facebook @AATKingsAustralia; @BangalayDining and @EmptyEsky)

February 17th

It may be a month late, but today we reopened Kangaroo Valley Olives and started back on production. With visitors returning to the South Coast and Shoalhaven, we are getting back on track to be able to supply retailers and wineries along with some brilliant dining venues (check out our Working Together link for a list of some of our wonderful partners It felt fabulous to be back in the kitchen producing premium quality table olives – replenishing our very depleted stock levels.

February 14th

Kangaroo Valley Show time. Community out in force to support growers, farmers, makers, bakers and shakers, despite the continued rains.

As part of our continuing efforts to support and promote our local village retailers “Come Buy With Me KV” was borne – a chance for local and visitors to support local. Time for some fun and clowning around!!

KVO entered a number of Pavilion category entries, taking out 1st Place for our early harvest oil blend (Rich & Robust) and 1st Place for our late harvest blend (Chef’s Choice) in the extra virgin olive oil categories. Our infused Blood Orange and Lemon Myrtle Oils also scored well, taking out 1st and 2nd Place in the Infused Extra Virgin Oil Category.

Our table olives, both Naturale and infused, as well as sweet and savoury tapenades took out numerous 1st places and we again brought home the Championship Ribbon.

Not to be outdone, our (Kangaroo Valley Kindred Spirits) Marmalade was awarded the John Rodden Memorial Championship Ribbon, our Collection of Pickles the Championship Ribbon, and our Collection of Jams the Joan Graham Memorial Championship Ribbon.

Our (Essence of Kangaroo Valley) two entries in the hard soap division also took out 1st and 2nd place.

Already looking forward to next year’s Kangaroo Valley Show! (Dates for Diary: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th February – come along to the Kangaroo Valley Friendly Show).

February 12th

Site Inspection of all the groves – having survived the drought, the heat and the fires, and whilst grateful for the rains which will finally extinguish the Currowan and ?? fires, it is with trepidation we walk amongst the groves to check the trees and see how many of the olives managed to hang in there. Pretty good news all-round – the trees are looking happier than in recent years, and the olives still abundant. Two months or so till harvest.

February 10th

Prayers for rain have obviously been heard, but perhaps too many people praying at the one time. The last few days, have seen torrential rain, now causing damage and mudslides to earth already scorched by fires, the soil so dry that only run-off is possible.  On the bright side, our dam is FULL for the first time in four and half years – hand-watering of the olive trees no longer required.

February 5th

Late last year, Kangaroo Valley Olives became a sign on member of the Berry Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. With its proactive community focused vision, ethical and professional modus operandi, we were thrilled to come on board. Tonight, I attended the first event for 2020 – a chance to meet with like-minded business operators over a social drink and some absolutely fabulous food courtesy of Salmon and Co Eatery. It was wonderful to be warmly welcomed (even from across the other side of the mountain) and to meet so many, many professional operators, catering to both locals and visitors in a warm, friendly and inclusive way.

February 2nd

Kangaroo Valley Community Day – a chance to try in some small way to thank our local volunteer Firies for their efforts over the last six months – without them, so much more would have been lost.

February 1st

Kangaroo Valley Phoenix Fundraising Dinner – Many people, working together to pull off a fabulous evening – three course dining and an auction of prizes donated – all in aid of raising funds for our local Rural Fire Service (all volunteers) and those in our community, who livelihoods have been turned upside down due to the recent fires.

January 15th

With the fires still raging around much of the south coast and the southern highlands, annual country shows are being cancelled in many areas. For many, our country shows are a lifeblood for our community – a chance for farmers and growers to get together – to admire the best of the best. In the face of many concerns, and with a number of the committee themselves affected most devastatingly by the recent fires on the night of 4th January, the Kangaroo Valley Show committee decides that our Show will go on.

This is one of the main reasons I love living amongst this hard-working, generous community – they think not of themselves, but of what is great for our town.

January 14th

Thanks to Chef Martin Dulke of Bankwest Stadium, Kim and I come bearing gifts of salted caramel brownies – first stop, the KV RFS station; and then into the heart of our village. Deliciously decadent – putting a smile on everyone’s faces – from shopkeepers, to visitors who have heeded the call and are coming back to the Valley, bringing their empty eskies with them.

January 13th

The fire front expected to our Valley did not happen. All is safe. In my car, are some of the memories I have saved. In particular, three framed photographs – one representing my past (and youth!); one an aerial shot of our farm and the third, a print from Leah Parrish of “Walk The Line” – cows walking, one foot in front of the other as they slowly go about their business.

Rather than reopening Kangaroo Valley Olives today as planned, I am asked to put on my old “tourism hat” – to get the message out, that Kangaroo Valley still stands tall and proud, and that the people who live here will get on with it – they will thrive, not just survive. Working together as a community, we will let people know WE ARE OPEN and we welcome you to our beautiful Kangaroo Valley.

January 10th

The Currowan fire is still a threat to our property, and we have made the decision to evacuate, filling two cars with what we can carry from a life time of memories. Our local RFS have done what they can to help us, we have done what we can do – fire breaks, cleared gutters, clearing vegetation, hoses at the ready. As I drive around our farm, I say goodbye to our trees, our buildings and head to Sydney. I do not expect to see much standing on my return.

January 5th

HELL of a night. The fires crossed the Shoalhaven River and bore down on the western side of Kangaroo Valley. Many properties were affected, and many people lost their homes, sheds and livestock. The fires luckily missed us by four kilometres, with a wind change taking the fire to Bundanoon, which suffered terribly.

The continued threat of further fires here in Kangaroo Valley is a worry. We watch and wait.

January 1st

It has been, yet again, a hot, dry summer here in Kangaroo Valley – and we have been hand watering each of our 600 trees, to ensure the olives continue to grow even during the prolonged drought conditions.

Our Kalamata olives for tabling are doing well, although not as many as we would like and the Bella di Cerignola are really pumping this year.

In our main oil olive grove, the Corregiola are happily doing their thing, and our two stars the Picual and Leccino olives are forming nicely.

We could do with some rain to top up the dam, but with bushfires raging through much of the South Coast, we could all do with rain.